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Our Mission

CEC advances rapid and equitable solutions to the climate crisis. See our impact report to learn more about how we are serving California's Central Coast.

The Community Environmental Council is a community-based organization devoted to preserving healthy environments for the benefit of human communities. Our primary focus is on the urgent issue of climate change, its causes, consequences, and impacts on people. Our work encompasses both practical solutions to slowing down, and eventually stopping, climate change, and on fostering resilience to profound climate change impacts that are already occurring. We partner with individuals, organizations and government agencies in educating our community about the issues at hand, and in developing, testing, and implementing policies as well as practical programs.

CEC's current programs include:

Created in response to an environmental disaster, CEC is committed to pursuing positive solutions that will ensure that future generations inherit a livable world. Our work is focused on the needs of the community and sustained by community support.